Armagnac - a map of where Armagnac originates

Welcome To The Armagnac Guide

Geoff James, Author of “A Life Lover’s Guide to Armagnac” has thoroughly enjoyed his research for this book.  When he decided to take himself off to discover more about this magnificent drink and the area in which it is produced in the Autumn of 2011, he realised that there was very little by way of Armagnac guide books in the English Language to assist with his quest. One of the initial questions to arise was, indeed,  “Where is Armagnac”?

During Geoff’s process of discovery, he decided to turn his adventure into more than just a visit to area – he decided he would immerse himself into the full background and the production process of Armagnac so that he could write a Guide for others wishing to explore and learn about the drink and the area as he himself has done.