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“A Life Lover’s Guide to Armagnac” is, as the name suggests, a Guide for those who love to enjoy and discover.

Follow Geoff through his journey of discovery of this delightful region. The book covers the three production areas of Armagnac, being Bas Armagnac, Tenereze and Haut Armagnac. There is a section of producers for each of these areas which Geoff has enjoyed visiting and indeed recommends that the reader discovers too.

The book also enlightens the reader as to the Brief History of Armagnac dating back to the late thirteenth century. The Armagnac production and distillation process is written about in some detail.  In fact, one could say, with relation to Armagnac, that this Guide covers everything from Grape to Glass!

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What People Say…

An interesting and informative read full of enthusiasm for the subject…
Peter, Edinburgh

A great insight into the subject of Armagnac with useful advice for the first time visitor…
Norbert, Stuttgart

The book has really opened my eyes to a fascinating world…
Neil, Tonbridge

I have lived in the area for 10 years and discovered many points of interest in the book, I had no previous knowledge of…
Paul, Eauze